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Related post: Attempted Isolation of AIDS Agent from High Risk Specimens Acquisition of Specimens from Cases of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Evaluation of Immunologic Abnormalities in AIDS Patients Immunologic Evaluation of Chimps Exposed to Materials from AIDS Patients Page 16-1 16-7 16-8 16-9 16-10 16-11 Summary of Program Laboratory and Clinical Research, NIAID October 1, 1982 - October 1, 1983 Office of the Scientific Director The Annual Report of the Intramural Research Program contains Order Vitamin B12 individual summaries of the research projects in 13 laboratories which constitute the research components of the National Generic Vitamin B12 Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Administrative responsibility for the Intramural Research Programs resides with the Office of the Scientific Director (OSD). Ten of the laboratories are located at the NIH Campus in Bethesda. The three remaining laboratories are located in Hamilton, Montana, in a facility called the Rocky Mountain Laboratories. We were fortunate to recruit Dr. James C. Hill to serve in the OSD as the Associate Scientific Director. He, along with Mr. Charles Criswell, the Administrative Officer, and Mr. Robert Steiner, Chief of the Rocky Mountain Operations Branch, provides senior administrative and management control over the Intramural Programs of NIAID. An additional off campus research facility in Building 550 at the Frederick Cancer Research Center has continued to expand its programs and has undergone major renovation to accomodate a new animal facility and expanded laboratory research facilities. This off campus operation is administered by Mr. Stan Nagle. Expansion of intramural expertise in molecular biology continues to be an important program objective. Molecular biology programs have been added to the Laboratory of Immunogenetics with the recruitment of Dr. Eric Long and Dr. Edward Max. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief of the Laboratory of Immunoregulation has also been successful in recruiting a molecular biologist from Dr. Philip Leder's laboratory at Harvard. Dr. Ulrich K. Siebenlist will shortly join the staff to explore molecular biological problems in human immunology. The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) has provided a major challenge both scientifically and administratively to the Intramural Programs of NIAID. This disease is characterized by immunodeficiency particularly of T helper cells accompanied by a vast array of opportunistic infections which ultimately lead to the death of the affected patient. Because the syndrome involves both the immune system and multiple infections, it clearly fell under the scope Buy Vitamin B12 Online of research being performed by NIAID and the Clinical Center. The majority of patients with AIDS who are admitted to the NIH Clinical Center are cared for in the NIAID program. Currently, almost 60 patients with AIDS are being followed. Attempts are being made to restore immune function through use of agents such as interlukin 2 Buy Vitamin B12 and immune interferon. At the same time. Dr. Fauci and the Laboratory of Immunoregulation are studying the immune defects seen in these patients with the intent of identifying a correctable aberration in the immune system. Many investigators are also examining ways to identify a new infectious etiological agent which may be responsible for AIDS. Dr. Robert Purcell of the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases has injected blood and cells from AIDS patients into chimpanzees in an attempt to transmit the infection responsible for AIDS. Dr. Hoggan and the members of the Laboratory of Viral Diseases have examined serum from patients to see if antibodies to parvoviruses may be 16-1 present in AIDS patients. A new laboratory was established in OSD with its primary responsibility the study of AIDS. Dr. Thomas Folks was recruited to supervise this program which has rapidly developed the capability to analyze immune complexes, immunosuppressive factors and immunologic reactivity in AIDS patients. The laboratory, however, is focused primarily on a study of chimpanzees who receive injections of AIDS tissues or blood to determine if changes develop which might indicate a transfer of infection. In addition. Dr. Folks, along with Dr. Chused of the the Laboratory of Microbial Immunity, has Purchase Vitamin B12 undertaken "two color" sorting on the fluorescent activated cell sorter to look at phenotypes of T cells which can be correlated with activation markers. Activation of T suppressor cells and NK cells have been detected using this approach. Almost 8% of the entire intramural budget and program resources have been redirected to the study of AIDS. This has been assisted by an additional allocation of 1 million dollars to the intramural program specifically designated for the support of AIDS research. A contract for nearly $600,000 dollars was established with the New York Blood Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York to obtain specimens from individuals who are at risk of developing AIDS. Over 325 individuals will be followed. It is anticipated that several thousand specimens of blood, semen, urine, feces and saliva will be available shortly for those laboratories that are now developing programs Cheap Vitamin B12 for isolation of various viral, fungal, bacterial or protozol agents which may be Vitamin B12 Online responsible for the irreversable and fatal immunosuppression seen in AIDS patients. A sub-contract was awarded to the University of Texas Primate Center at Bastrop, Texas, to maintain chimpanzees that will be available for injection of AIDS tissue specimens. Another contract at Meloy Laboratories makes available six chimpanzees; some have already been injected with AIDS tissue material. In addition, the Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, Montana, have begun a renovation of one of their buildings to provide future space for more than 20 chimpanzees which may
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